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Is anyone here...? *crickets*

Well, kids. I did it. Something I never thought I'd be able to say. I'm a published author. Thanks to National Novel Writing Month, tears, self-doubt, and an overwhelming urge to prove to myself that I could have this, I crossed from writer to author.

And kids, being here, writing fanficion, is what got me to this point. No joke. Banging out chapters in my fics every night and getting to read the comments the next morning gave me a craving for writing for an audience that I never had before. Your support and affection for characters that I created was magical and inspiring. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

So, what's your book, Howls? Well, of course, I'll leave the link below. But remember that fic Bad Blood? I took it and spun some things around and whipped out, albeit painfully at times, a romance novel. Permanently priced at $.99 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Google Play, and Kobo.



I'm still tweeting, too. https://twitter.com/Howlsgirl
Set amidst the winds and skyscrapers of Chicago's theater district, Martina Mariposa has somehow landed a position in the Bellus Ballet Company. Struggling to make ends meet, she is determined to make good in this new life of hers. But the director of the company always seems near with a strange focus on her. And a wolf with grey eyes, the rebel of the Kirov, is suddenly her partner as Martina finds herself the point in a triangle when this is only a dance for two.

Excerpt from Heroe

So kids. This is the second excerpt from my novel that I am trying very hard to finish. I'm putting it up here so I can feedback from other and to make myself brave by not hiding it.

The weeks passed and soon the second month of autumn floated in.

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Hot dog! That's right kids! Finally back after so long, today I present to you the next episode of the classic game show "What's Wrong with that Sentence!"

On today's episode, we'll take a commonly used phrase in popular social circles and rip it to shreds. Ready? I know I am! And today's sentence contestant is:

I can't even. 

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The Fanfiction Stigma.

  I admit it. And if you’ve ever read a fanfiction, or ever heard of one, chances are, you know it’s true. There is a certain stigma that comes with writing fanfiction-a certain assumption about the piece of writing itself and the writer who penned it.

  Most fanfics are written to take a certain set of generally known characters and place them in stories and relationships outside of their known trek. Let’s take Winnie the Pooh, for example. In a fanfiction, Pooh Bear and Christopher Robin find out that Kanga has the hots for one of them and spend the entire plot trying to figure out which one that is before jealous Tigger can come shank them both.

  Bear with me.

  Get it? Bear?

  Never mind.

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I Need Your Help.

I do. I really do need your help. In the month of November there is such a thing as National Novel Wrting Month. I participated and wrote the fifty thouand words neccesary to win. Yay! But even at 50k, my story is only halfway through. And what's more, as I'm going deeper into the plot, I want other eyes than mine.

Hence where you come in, dear reader.

This is not a fanfiction. It's just not. It's a story-story. A love story. A little fantasy. And I need your eyes to help me. Sure sentence structure could suck. I get that. And maybe you don't like how I describe something. I haven't gone through editing yet.

But I need you to tell me if the story flows. Do the characters seem like people? Do you like them? Do you love to hate them? Or does everything feel like paper dolls?

I need to know. And I need you to help me.

So, this is an excerpt from about halfway through the plot. It's a memory sequence so you don't need to know  anything about the plot yet. Thank you!!!
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National Novel Writing Month.

So, a friend told me about National Novel Writing Month. Intrigued, I decided to give it a try. And so, for days and nights, into long hours, I sat bent over my computer, squeezig out the words. It sucked. It was hard. But in the end, I edged out the fifty thousand words needed to "win" this race to the finish line.

But here is the crux of my problem: At 50k, my novel is only about half way done. And I need an ending head-to-head between my protagonist and my antagonist. Without boring you all with the information right now, all I'm going to say is watch out for a post with that information.

Kids. I need your help. I need your suggestions for what can happen between my good guy and my bad guy. I might post excerpts from the story here too. I need a space where I can get some feedback in these early stages. The story is fantasy/romance, inspired by books like Jane Eyre, The Count of Monte Cristo and Memoirs of a Geisha.

Next year, for NaNo, I want to take my ChunHo fic, "Bad Blood" and use that. I'm so excited. But for right now, I need your help.

Indecision and Other Impairing Qualities,

Do you have that one friend who just inspires you? That person in your grand circle of social media face-friends who you might actually spend time with in real life? That person. Let's give them a name. Let's call her Mertle. Nobody's name is Mertle anymore.

My apologies to the one Mertle out there who happens to stumble across this blog. Hey girl. We're cool, right?

Anyway, Merlte inspires you. After talking to her, you want to paint like Bob Ross (if you could only paint.) Or you want to sit down at the piano you never learned to play and plunk out some heart-rendering melody. After spending time with Mertle, you want to do something!! Nurse a a sea urchin back to life, anything!And the great thing about Mertle is she isn't trying to impress you with the creativity dripping off her fingers and lips. She isn't trying to make you feel bad that your only accomplishment the other day was getting out of bed AND putting on a bra. Of course, you didn't mention that to her. But anyway, spending time with Mertle surges a new desire for "somethingness" inside of you. And after you leave that trendy coffee shop, parting company with her, you feel empowered. You're going to do something!

I have a Mertle in my life. I met her back when I was in the theater set in college. She is a very striking young woman. If there was ever a real life anime character, it's her. She also bears a frightening resemblance to Elsa. (awesome star points if you don't know who that is.) Everything about my Mertle makes me want to crawl in a hole and hide from her five-star being.

The other day, she and I were having an exchange via social media. I had posted a beautiful song to her Bookface page asking if she had any thoughts about the melody. I am a dance teacher and I would love to use the music, but I couldn't decide what kind of dance the music should be used for. She wrote back a response long enough to make the Character Count gremlins cringe in fear. My eyes devoured her reply. And at certain intervals, I heard myself groaning in agreement. You know the groan you make when something is so good, it hurts?

Get your mind out of the gutter.

Imagine the groan you might have after walking three miles and eating cheesecake.

That was my reaction to Mertle's ideas for my music. She just smeared her rainbow sparkly cheesecake sentences all over the page and the only thing I could do was lay there in an all-you-can-read buffet coma on the floor. Inept. Stuffed. And useless.

And here comes the moment where I can go one of two ways. In the first scenario, I could stay on the floor and cover myself in a blanket of excuses. Wondeful warm excuses. I'm busy. I am a working member of society and I can't be bothered to stop my action-packed day to fart out pretty things. If I stop that long continuing set of " must-do's" who knows what the consequences might be? Cataclysmic probably.

But what if I do stop? What if, in that dirge of do, I stop and sit down and etch out something of meaning? The meaning might only be to myself. Is that okay? Is it okay for me to stop in a society that pushes the never-ending go? Nowadays, people barely stop to go to sleep. There is always a device that sits next to them, like some Giga pet for adults by which they can instantly connect to the world around them and get going again. But if I want to do something creative, I have to put that device down, I have to set my brain free from the march. Gosh, I might have to apply myself. And the application might be painful. I'm so weak. And society will try and grab me again. I can't pay attention. More than what the world tells me I should be doing, i want to do something!

Dear God, something.

This set of choices occurred. I could either stop and really do, or keep going and do nothing.

What was my choice?

You've read it.

Le't's do this again. Let's really do. We'll do it together. Together we'll go against the world. This world needs a revolution. A cultural upheaval.

I'll bring the cheesecake.

Hyung, Saranghae (Ch.3)

Kids, I wrote this in one shot. No stopping. Bear with me. if you remember, this fic is told from Changmin's perspective. This chapter is post break-up.

If i had to be honest with you, I would admit that, half the time, I have no idea where we areRead more...Collapse )


Oh, EXO. My Twitter feed is always alive with posts about everything you do and how everything you do is adorable because your members are adorable and sexy and fun and wonderful and look good in ripped jeans. Oh, EXO.

Hi, kids. How are you? I've missed you.

Maybe you're aware and maybe not that I've been sitting with my proverbial thumb up my rear for some time now on the subject of writing. I just can't seem to. Or, possibly, I lack the will power to sit myself down and do it. Either way, I'm not writing. But that doesn't mean my brain is not fired up all the time with ideas for stories. Believe me, there's a light in the attic.

Get it? Light in the Attic. Shel Silverstein.


That's cool.

Anyway. I was thinking about fanfiction and my own fanfictions and how nowadays everybody's fic seems to be about EXO. When I was used to seeing JaeHo and YooSu as the most popular pairings, now I don't even know who the pairings are. I know, I know. GASP! Yea, I don't know the members of EXO. And the fact that I don't know and I can't be a part of this new wave of fanfiction makes me sad. But, like I said, there's always an idea humming its way around in my mind and it produced itself last night.

When EXO first debuted, I was into them. Songs like "Mama" and "What is Love" I really liked. And still do. And the nifty thing that EXO's management team seems to be doing is carrying on a story line within the music videos for these songs. I mean, in "Mama" if you missed the plot line...I don't really see how you could.


So, having said that, has anyone written a fanfic yet based on the plot line of "Mama?" Like, it's all laid out for us right there in the music video! And it kinda reminds me of the Nickelodean show Avatar: Fire. Water. Wind. And then "What is Love" is clearly open for interpretation and I'm sure some clever EXOtic could work that in as well. And then! And then they give us "Growl" and "Wolf!" It's like a wet Twilight fangirl's dream up in here! And those two stories could be part of the fic!

Has someone written this yet???

Cuz someone should. And it can't be me. And here's why. When I was eyeballs deep in the TVXQ fandom, I knew all the inside jokes. I knew why it was funny to call Junsu Kamo or duckbutt. I knew why there could be endless jokes about Yoochun's ankles and forehead. I was in the fandom and saw everything TVXQ did. And I could work in those inside jokes in my fics. But I'm not part of the EXO fandom. I like them. But I'm still in the red ocean. And that's not to say that I couldn't be both but, EXO doesn't charm me the way TVXQ does. Or Big Bang. Or Rain.

I hope some has or does write this EXO fic. I'd call it, "The Tree that Howls." Just kidding. I have no idea what I'd call it. But I'd love to read it.


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